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Mar 1 - mar 14 EDITION 2013
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Everything is ready for the OG Diamond Club Retreat that will take place from July 9 – 14, 2013 for our qualified Diamonds and Above! Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas is famous around the world for its white sand beaches and turquoise water.

This incentive trip will be an opportunity for Diamonds and Above to take a break from their busy lives and to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world. All of our top Executive Leaders will be there to share their insights on leadership, and there's still time for you to qualify*!

*check your BackOffice for qualification requirements.

Tools Feature: The "Coffee That Pays" DVD

Whether you just joined the OG Family, or you've been with us from the very first day, any distributor can leverage this incredible tool to help build a profitable and exciting business! CLICK HERE to order your DVD today!

Once you have your copy, here's what you need to do: Invite guests to your home. Serve them coffee. Turn on your DVD player. Put in the "Coffee That Pays" DVD. Press Play. Repeat daily!

Our field leaders can't seem to say enough about this powerful tool:
"The "Coffee That Pays" DVD has completely changed how CJMs are conducted! Through this DVD, our organization is put in the very capable hands of Executive Vice-President of International Sales, Mr. Holton Buggs and Crown Ambassadors, Jose Ardon and John Sachtouras. This DVD will enable us to duplicate and succeed with quality!" - C. Rutherford, OG Sapphire

"I absolutely LOVE the "Coffee That Pays" DVD! To have our EVP of International Sales, Mr. Holton Buggs, lead the presentation is amazing. The testimonials from the Diamonds & Above are priceless. We have now simplified the system even more! This DVD has become the ultimate tool!" - D. Allen, OG Ruby

"In 17 years of network marketing, I have never seen a tool as powerful as this one. Plus it's available in three languages . . . wow! I just passed along 100 DVDs through my success team and the results are powerful!" - A. Sever, OG Emerald

"I am 100% confident that the opportunity delivered through the "Coffee That Pays" DVD will resonate with every personality type that is truly looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, to help people, or BOTH!" - B. Shoemaker, OG Diamond

Millionaire Mentorship Call | A System For Success

Every Sunday night, people from near and far dial in to the most enlightening training call in the Network Marketing industry! The name "Millionaire Mentorship Call" says it all. Who wouldn't want to be mentored by individuals that are sharing their secrets to success?!

Past Millionaire Mentorship Calls are available through the OG Radio archive! CLICK HERE to listen.

Ricky Balawag
Team Spirit

I love to see my group growing so fast in the United Kingdom! We laugh, cry and encourage each other towards achieving our dreams. Our greatest ambition is to stand on stage in front of thousands, hearing them cheer and shout our name. We love to see everybody being successful! Go Organo Gold!

Janeth Rosero
Life Transformation

Organo Gold came into my life to transform it. It is amazing to know that there is an opportunity for me to be who I want, and to do what I've always wanted in my life. Now my goals are fully defined and with my growth I've led many people towards their own goals. Now I'm a Sapphire who will go all the way to Diamond! Thanks to Organo Gold for realizing dreams and changing lives!

Blake Felber
Moving Forward

Thanks to my plugged-in sponsor, we came super close to hitting Sapphire in January! It was a great month that showed me I could win big - but we are not done yet! We are moving forward full force.

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